Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sharifan meets Rahul Gandhi..

Sharifan is the Chairperson of Sangharsh Mahila Manch, a federation promoted by Ibtada. She had an opportunity to meet Rahul Gandhi. The event was training of Indian Youth Congress and NSUI Leaders. A panel of distinguished speakers was selected for the opening session, 'Vision for India 2020'. Other panelists included Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka; Anil Bordia of Lok Jumbish fame; Sunil Khairnar of Agriwatch; Arvind Kejriwal of Parivartan; Rekha, another SHG leader from Indore and Harsha Moily of Moksha Yug.

Rahul Gandhi had half an hour private session with Panelists before the main session during which we all sat together. Rahul explained the purpose of the training and the coming session. He shared his concerns on democracy and attempts to build democracy within party first.

Being the only illiterate member in the whole gathering, and the quality of speech she delivered, Sharifan got the best applaud among all panelists. Tarun Tejpal in his speech emphasising education, could not resist saying that "imagine where would she reach if she was educated".

Many people came to meet her after the speech and congratulated her and Ibtada!

Memorable day for Ibtada!!

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