Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Motivation turned into success..


Taleemshala provided me an opportunity to explore my knowledge & to educate girl child who cannot get basic education because of our society’s pattern. I am working with Taleemshala since 2000, when we established taleemshala in Bandipura village. In seven years, I have gone through different experiences. I worked with many children. Every child was different from other. It is quite normal to have a special relation & place of children while we work for them for more than three years, but sonam was a very different child of my Taleemshala.
Sonam 19 year’s old girl is a resident of Bandipura village. She came at Taleemshala in year 2000 with the progress report of class 5th from government school, when we started our Taleemshala in Bandipura village. According to their report, she was eligible for class sixth but her parents carried her to Taleemshala for basic learning. I was surprised, why her parents want to enroll in taleemshala. I told them we are only educating girls until they do not pass class 5th and your daughter has already passed class 5th than why you want?. I will not permit her than her parent told that yes she has passed class 5th but she do not know anything,she can not read & write properly and also do not know basic math like addition, subtraction, multiply, dividing, zero & equal to. I could not believe on them so I checked for my satisfaction but

I got surprised because her parents were right. She was unable for basic functioning. I shared this narrative with my colleague & coordinator of education programme and asked him what I should do. After getting permission for enroll her in Taleemshala from the coordinator, I enrolled Sonam in my Taleemshala. She was interested in study. She came to Taleemshala daily on time and completed given exercise perfectly.
In our sharing meeting, coordinator of education programme Mr. Ramsingh Hapawat always told me not to give more attention on Sonam because she has passed class 5th. However, I treated her as well as other children.
At the initial time, she was weak in reading; by the continuous efforts from both the sides (by herself & mine); she made a good understanding about the reading of stories, poems and puzzles. She was able to write story & poem in her words and raise questions on them. In the language, she acquired knowledge up to class fourth.
She was incapable for simple addition and identified the numbers in between 1 to 100 in math. In Taleemshala, she worked up to class fourth in which she learned calculation, number system up to one billion, fraction Geometry, measurement units etc.
In environment science she participated in discussion, in the sect of Aarambhik kshamta she learned classification and tabulation after observation and knowledge up to class third.
In government school while she passed class fifth, English was not a subject in their syllabus till class fifth. She learned English in Taleemshala by working on a book that is given by ‘David Horsborough’ in this, children speak English sentences. She fined an opportunity for speaking and listening English. By the 52 standard cards, she learned identification of ABCD…. In addition, by the phoenix she learned to read and write letters. It was similar to class fourth. She got an opportunity to express herself by the Art and learned many ways to express herself rather than speaking and writing.

In July 2003, she discontinued Taleemshala. I was not miserable by this but there was a peace in my heart that my Taleemshala and I were helpful to make her progress report of class fifth more significant.
There was a soft corner for her, which motivated me to make efforts for her study. I talked with her parents for her admission in class sixth but they said what she would do with more study. She has a progress report of government school and you taught her basic things, it is sufficient for her. I tried more and more but I could not make them agree for further study of Sonam.
Many a times Sonam shared with me now, can I study more? I was answerless, her parents were not agree, but I was with a hope that she will do and I always told her you can do if your parents get ready for it.
In July 2004, a batch passed class fifth from Taleemshala and went for class sixth. Sonam again came to me and shared that she wants to study with these girls. I got an anther opportunity to convince her parents. This time she put her desire more forcefully. Luckily, her parents got ready and she went in government school in Kalsada village for class sixth. She studied here for a year and after that, she passed her class seventh & eighth from government school, Mahua khurd. She got 65% marks in class 8th. Fortunately, this school was upgraded to secondary school and Sonam is studying in class ninth in this school.
Sonam wished to study so Sonam is studying. I just want to say we can make a bright future of children like Sonam by our little efforts. We can only do efforts we cannot assume the results. We cannot give up efforts by thinking about bad results. We may change bad result into good by the positive and continuous efforts.

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