Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arsida .......back to school

Arsida lives in Dadgas Bas (Meo-Muslim) village with her parents and 7 siblings. Her father is farmer and her mother is housewife. Every person of her family was illiterate therefore her father was unknown about importance of education and he had no interest in education of Hindi language. Her father believed that children learn bad manners by education so he refused to send his children to school. All the children of his family used to work as agricultur labor.
Arsida was one of his children.Ibtada’s staff and teacher contacted her father regularly to send Arsida to taleemshala. Mothers of Mothers Education Committee contacted Arsida’s father regularly too.
Her father believed only inUrdu language so he sent her in Madarsha. Teacher of Taleemshala contacted regularly and many time in meetings he discussed this issue. Members of Village Education Committee and Mother Education Committee contacted with her father many times.
After these efforts Arsida’s father agreed to visit the school. When he visited TALEEMSHALA he felt satisfaction that Taleemshala’s environment is as good as his family’s environment. Thus he agreed to send Arsida to school.
Now Arsida is regular in Taleemshala. Taleemshala education improved her level of understanding, such as the difference between living and non-living, milk and its products, animals and their residence etc. She also enjoys thumb painting, leaf rubbing, paper folding and making clay toys, all these creative activities she had never experienced before. Like other girls in this area, she might drop out soon for her early marriage or housework burden. However her teacher and staff are trying to build up her self-learning capacity, so that she can continue to learn throughout her life.

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