Friday, October 8, 2010


It is way past sunset. Mother and son are enjoying a cosy evening together. While she prepares dinner for the family, he gives her company. He turns to the book momentarily every time she calls his attention to his studies. It seems like any other ordinary evening – only it is not@ In fact, life has altered entirely since the advent of biogas in their home. In the days preceding it, the kitchen was steeped in darkness with one corner lit up by the kerosene lamp – if at all. Mother was huddled up in the corner throwing twigs and other wood scraps under the old earthen chulha. The constant smoke from the lamp and the chulha weighed heavy on the health of the family, but there was no choice.

Now, the gas lamp burns brightly and the electric stove makes her task hassle free and quicker. The combustion of biogas has very little odour or smoke, making it a health-friendly bio fuel, apart from being very simple to manage and maintain. No wonder, she smiles from ear to ear… she could have only dreamt of being this comfortable in her kitchen. Biogas has freed her from the daily struggle of fetching fuel wood as well. It is the recent installations that bring a broad smile to the boy’s face too; even the prospect of doing home work does not seem to dampen his enthusiasm! No doubt the gas lamp makes his reading less strenuous, but what excites him is the whole experience of ‘light’… to see his mother smile, sit with her and chat to a dozen!