Monday, April 19, 2010

Heifer Visit- A photojourney through day three.

9th April 2010 was the last day of Heifer delegation's visit to Ibtada. Villages that delegation visited this day were Moreda and Bagar Rajput. Both of these villages are close to the Alwar City and Ibtada has a considerable history of Intervention in these villages. In Moreda, delegation met Anandi a very active women leader and women para vet,In Bagar Rajput delegation met a group which had received goats and had plans to transfer their goats to other groups as gifts.

SMILE OF SUCCESS:- Anandi was an illiterate women of Moreda. This introduction changed few years back when she joined Ibtada. Now She has been chairman of her group, cluster and Federation. She has trained and motivated hundred of women to improve their lives by joining Self help groups and taking other trainings. She has treated more than 1000 animals of her village as Pashu Sakhi(Woman Para vet).

Women looking at video of Passing on Gift ceremony which was pictured on them.

Passing on the Gift:- A small gift from women of Moreda to Paris.

Clive with kids.

Taking the retreat.. Leaving Moreda village.

Santo is member of Arti Goat rearing Group. She was very happy that group has changed her life. Now her position has improved in her family. Her happiness on telling her story to people from abroad was reflecting on her face.

Kids of Bagar Rajput village gathered for a group Photo.

Delegation with Arti Goat rearing Group and kids of Bagar Rajput Village.

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